Church Planting Movements – Rapidly Multiplying Faith Communities

This is worth more than a look. Some of the World’s best Church Planting practitioners are featured in the U.S. Center for World Mission’s Mar-Apr 2011 magazine called Mission Frontiers. (Cut & Paste – techno challenged here people!)

The Church Planting revolution that is evolving in the current Move is changing the approach of traditional missions.

Floyd McClung has had an incredible impact on church planting ideology through the years. Floyd and his wife Sally pioneered the Ark ministry in Amsterdam (Netherlands) in the seventies raising many leaders up but more importantly releasing people into their God given life’s ministry. Friends served with Floyd and Sally and across the years I have consistently run into people who had the pleasure of being ‘in’ ministry with them. Floyd and Sally have lived sacrificially, giving their lives to those around them. Here they are in their sixties, they uproot from the USA to go to Africa – no cushy retirement for them.  What a fantastic eternal legacy this man and woman have! When we have few ‘leaders’ who we can look to, to emulate and to follow their example, the inspiration this couple express is encouraging that there are still some who understand the call of JESUS and are prepared to live life without all the ‘best’ this world has to offer. Their web site is an expression of who they are – this too is worth a look –

Last year I was at Steve Addison’s launch of his new book “Movements that Changed the World”. Great information. Steve runs a site with all up to date evangelical movements. His site is



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  1. Thank you Wayne. I’m putting this posting on the OIKOS Australia website.

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