National Day of Prayer for the Military

I am forwarding this to you to broaden support for our troops and miltiary – this has been initiated by acquaintances’ near Canberra. Their efforts to increase support for our military is one of many prayer focuses. If you would like to be on his mail list contact me direct or email Greg and Kay address as below.

The National Day of Prayer for the Military. I ask the church in Townsville in particular to respond because of their key relationships with the military – maybe the miltiary chaplains and their chapel could be used.

Also I flag with you, those who know me, that my son, Joshua, the army has notified me he is being deployed overseas & going into ‘harm’s way’ in a couple of months until sometime in the new year. Would you begin to lift my boy before the Lord in prayer.
Thank you

From: Greg Brien <>

Were you encouraged by the email from Jacqueline Bedson? I hope to get to some of the time at Duntroon, in Canberra. Please ask Father to bless the vision and work of Jaqueline.
Please pray for our service personnel.
Navy, Army and Airforce personnel need our prayers.
This week pray that service personnel:
1) that they will have a true understanding of their value and worth in God’s eyes (Ps 8:2–9);
2) will praise the LORD with their whole heart and tell of His marvellous works (Ps 9:1).
God bless you.
Kay and Greg
PS Feel free to forward to your praying friends.
God impressed on the heart of Canberran intercessor Jacqueline Bedson, wife of a Defence
member, that a National Day of Prayer for Defence was needed to support our Defence members
and families in these difficult days. Jacqueline approached the Military Christian Fellowship for
support and the MCF Executive endorsed the development of a National Day of Prayer for
Defence. Jacqueline’s testimony is on page 2.
Why prayer is needed
World: The world is in a very obvious season of uncertainty and volatility. Environmental,
economic, political, social and military dynamics are changing and challenging us every day. All
these elements contribute to the security of our nation, and we need prayer to give us wisdom
and strength to make the right decisions to guide our nation into the future.
Australia: For the first time since the Vietnam War, Australia has
experienced unprecedented losses of some of its finest young men fighting in
the Middle East for the security of Australia. Jesus said in John 15:13,
“Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”
Many families have been impacted by these tragic losses, and we have a duty
to support them and uphold them in prayer.
Like all human systems, political systems have strengths and weaknesses. We need to pray that
our senior policy and decision-makers bring a selfless approach to their responsibilities like those
who have given their own lives in service to Australia.
The vision
We envisage that the National Day of Prayer for Defence will be an annual event sponsored by
the organisations of the Association of Christian Military Fellowships (ACMF). A National Day of
Prayer for Defence is planned for Saturday 2nd April 2011.
Defence Christian military ministries as well as the Chaplains and those who have a heart for
Defence are welcome to be part of this National Day of Prayer for Defence, whether they are able
to join with us in Canberra, or remotely in the regions.
The Duntroon Chapel Annex will be used as a prayer centre for the Canberra
region. This does not preclude churches or groups conducting their own
prayer sessions at their own convenience on the day. Please join with us at this
challenging time in Australian history and uplift the Australian Defence Force to
God. If you are planning to attend the National Day of Prayer for Defence at
the Duntroon Chapel, please RSVP to MCF Prayer Coordinator, Olly Kaese
(contact details on page 2) by Friday 25 March 2011.
The format
It is proposed that prayer groups conduct three two-hour prayer sessions between sunrise and
sundown facilitated by a local prayer leader. It is also proposed that people can commit as much
time as they are able. It is acknowledged that short sessions are achievable for some families with
small children. Session structures are at the discretion of the prayer leader and may include a time
of worship.
National Day of Prayer for Defence
Page 1
National Day of Prayer for Defence
MCF Prayer Coordinator, Olly Kaese, is receiving
RSVPs and coordinating prayer requests. He will
forward a consolidated list of prayer requests to
assist prayer leaders in each session. Please pass
any prayer requests to Olly:
Mobile: 0434 679 213
Jacqueline Bedson is coordinating the National
Day of Prayer for Defence at the Duntroon Chapel
Annex (refer map).
Telephone: (02) 6299 5852
Jacqueline’s testimony
In 2008 I was attending a Christian Conference at Dural in NSW when I was approached to
wear a Light Horse Slouch hat during one of the Praise sessions. I was interested in what the hat
represented and did some research into the Light Horse and found out about their connection
with the liberation of the Holy Land from the Turks in the First World War. I attended another conference
in January 2010 at Newcastle where again I was asked to wear the hat. It left a great
impression on me, so much so that I was presented with my own hat during this conference. On
the way home we were directed to stop at Goulbourn to visit the Anglican cathedral where the
flag of the 7th Light Horse hangs in their Light Horse chapel.
From this research into Australia’s connection with the forming of the modern state of Israel I
asked permission from the Cathedral to hold a prayer session in the Chapel, which they willingly
gave. After that event I was seeking the Lord as to what He wanted me to do next. During my
prayer times came this prompting from the Lord to hold a Day of prayer for our Defence Forces
who are serving overseas. I approached several members of the Defence Force who are members
of our congregation. The upcoming event in April is a gathering together of like-minded
Christians from all denominations who have a heart for the men and women of our armed services
who place themselves at great peril so that we can continue to worship our God in freedom and a
liberty that many people do not have.
Page 2
Prayer themes
MCF offers the following prayer themes. The following list is not exhaustive, but is intended as
a guide to prayer groups.
• Defence members and families • Defence senior leadership
• soldiers, sailors and airmen who have • Defence chaplaincy
physical, mental and spiritual injuries both on • Defence prayer calendars
deployment, and upon return to Australia • Faith Under Fire Conference 2011
• Defence military ministries • Launch of Faith Under Fire training package
• Churches supporting Defence • Association of Military Christian Fellowship
• Defence cadets and recruits (AMCF) Conference 2012

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One Response to National Day of Prayer for the Military

  1. Fiorlisa says:

    Wayne, your boy Joshua is in my prayers and I will ask all my friends to pray for God protection over and around him when he will be deployed. I am so honored and so privileged to have met him and I am also so proud of what he is doing not only for this beautiful country I have come to love and respect but also for all of us. I have had the opportunity to see him witness to his friends on Facebook and I am so thankful for young men like him serving in the military but also in the Army of the Living God. He is a blessing to know and to have in our lives.

    God Bless


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