“Busyness is the ‘pain killer’ of the orphan spirit” – Bob Johnson

Jesus was busy from dawn till dusk. He could say I am about my Father’s business; I do what I see my Father doing.
So often we are caught up in the maelstrom of man’s expectations and demands to fulfill the duty and dictates of others. Maybe that is why we have so many clergy who are casualties of a system that does not work for the church they serve, themselves or their Father. They are doing what God does not require but human will. Maybe we need to revisit the intent of Jesus when He said to come to Him for His burden was light and His yoke easy. HHMMM interesting why we motor on and don’t Come to Him.


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2 Responses to “Busyness is the ‘pain killer’ of the orphan spirit” – Bob Johnson

  1. Dawn Comber says:

    HI Wayne, I like your headline quote. I am convinced that people embrace busy-ness to avoid pain and to avoid doing the hard work of healing.

    • Eagleholme says:

      Yes Dawn our culture adopted the Protestant work ethic which suits capitalism which focuses on profit from the workers labour – somehow we have become so driven by performance in the Church we have forgotten relationship.. Culture plays a major role in socialising us with the expectation that to work hard is where it is at – the Church baptises this as godly when it is not. I believe we as His followers need to enter into being contemplative and resting in His works – maybe we need to re-visit “Martha, Mary has chosen the better part.” This is not to decry hard work. It decries a slavishness to performance that robs us of loving one another and being accepted in the Beloved.

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