The Nearness of the Master

Life has its many lessons. Last night Canberra had an amazing electrical thunderstorm for about 5 hours continous – a WOW light show (lightning) and continuous multiple huge thunderballs plus sizzling streaks screaming through the atmosphere like incoming artillery – you could hear it coming then a loud bang and everything vibrating – several very close to the unit.

My poor Doggie was frantic, freaked out and waves of quivering shaking his little body – he was very fearful and distressed. He came beside me, refusing to leave me – when I sat at my desk he lay across my feet, if I went to the kitchen he brushed up against my leg and sat up against me as I prepared a cuppa, everywhere  I went he was sure to follow. He wanted to be next to his master – need drove him to my side. Normally he is content to lie on his couch knowing I’m nearby but not when he thought his world was being turned upside down because he couldn’t understand what was happening. A dog doesn’t understand storms, their reason for being or how safe he was in the home I have provided for him; that is so like us with God. We understand so little; we see so little.We operate out of a ‘dog’ mind that cannot see the big picture. We feel threatened and insecure because we know Him so little or we merely know about Him; either does not cut it when the storms of life come, as surely as they will.

As I sat on the lounge he lay next to me, his little body up against mine. As I stroked him seeking to comfort him; he began to quieten till he was assured he was ok – I was there for him. Peace settled on him. As long as I was next to him he was OK. When I walked around he frantically sought to be with me. When I went to bed he laid the length of his body against mine; rest came to him even though the storm worsened. He settled – the nearness of his master brought comfort, much needed peace, asssurance all was ok.

Trust ( a relationship word) yielded rest as he relaxed from fear – because I was there for him. Relationship is the key not 5 principles of this or that, or having the dynamics of a storm explained to him which he wouldn’t have understood anyway. No, we are so cerebral in theology we forget it is not knowing about but knowing the One who is True, Faithful and full of kindness, our Master who loves us. That is, His nature, His Character near us; He is love; that is who we are to trust; the One who loves us and will do us no harm but in the hour of our need is there for us.

Love is not a theory or a theology but a practicality. His love changes us. His nearness does us good; He sets us free because His being there settles us, directs us, is provision of all we need. When He is near we need not fear or be in turmoil.

The next move of God will be close to Him; knowing Him.


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