Fellowship depends upon active practical Love, the nature of Jesus Christ worked out in us

So often we ask where God is. Fellowship with God comes from love. His love for us. Then there is the feet on the planet stuff called us loving one another; as rare as love happens for most that is where we need to go.

Many are out of fellowship with God because they are out of fellowship with their brothers and sisters in His Family. Yet most I know either don’t know how to reconcile, forgive, repent, or in maturity extend grace to the recalcitrant. Over a period of fifty two years I have only three people come to me asking for forgiveness for wronging me. Now either I am so good I don’t transgress which is impossible being me (seems to be my specialty :-)) or something else is at work here.

On two occasions I have had senior pastors instigate a ‘reconciliation’ meeting to restore another’s relationship with me. That was not pleasant to be confronted with my sin and the sin of others; but how necessary a dynamic is openness, transparency and honesty before one another (walking in the light). Without it we cannot function as the laos (people) of God.

So where have we gone so wrong that many are abused, hurt, injured in their dealings with each other in the Body?

Fellowship is inseparably linked with right relationships that function in love, through love, amongst love and for love. That is Christ among us, through us, by us and for us.

If we do not love it is a sign we are not walking with Him; that something is out of order, maybe we are out of sorts with a brother or a sister? Maybe you disagree with someone like me? What is a godly response to one such as I? lol, ahahahah, wouldn’t that be something – to be treated in a godly manner. Maybe being king of your pile and maintaining that position is more important to you than walking right with those around you?

Unless we love God and His children, we cannot fellowship either with God or man – one depends on the other – basic Christianity 101.

Maybe we are so accustomed to be carnal we think that is the ‘normal’ Christian life. Maybe holding the misdemeanours of others against them is all we know because we have no examples of ‘redeeming’ love expressed in the world we live. We comply to the leadership behaviour modelled before us. Godliness seems to have gone on a journey. Maybe the journey we need to take is back into our God? Maybe discovering intimacy with the Father is the cure of all our ills.

Walking in the light means we are in fellowship both with God and man; that there is no darkness in us; that we are laying our lives down for each other. Whether you say walking in the light or the Spirit, fellowship, laying down our lives, they are saying the same thing emphasising different aspect of being, walking with the Father in daily life.

Paul uses the word koinonia (gathering in fellowship because we hold in common) when he speaks of the Lord’s table in 1Cor 10. At the Table of the Lord we are both equal and one with each other; no hierarchy where there are even senior pastors and a division called ‘lay’ people (The Scriptures don’t have that division but our systems do!). All come as the ‘Laos’ (people) of God. I wonder whether the Master is pleased with our divisions that suit us, that lift up individuals at the expense of His Body, that make His Body far less than He means us to be? Hhhhmmm? It all depends on love, what do we love the more; have we left our first love and now travel as if all we love is important?

Maybe that is why we are like we are – we have forgotten to love or we have forgotten how to love. Maybe that is why we opt for overactivity to deaden the pain of our estrangement from God. Maybe that is why so many are sickly amongst us these days and even some die? Maybe we are so out of touch Could it be love is not as important to most as it is to the Lord.

Never let it be said we are a loveless lot; that would mean we are hypocrites, pretenders, reflecting a shallow religious belief.

Let us draw close to Him. There is all we need.


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