Religion is like a sausage

Religion is like a sausage, a skin of spirituality stuffed with pretense, conformity of beliefs to a set of codified doctrines to be performed and adhered to and compliance to rules, regulations and rites.

Jesus didn’t come to start a religion but to open the way to an intimate relationship with Himself and His Father through the Holy Spirit. His love through the Cross, His work to His resurrection and ascension has made the Way open; for He is the Way, only through Him and abiding in Him do we know His love and relationship.

Hear O People, the Lord our God is One! You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your might. How are you doing with this? Feeling inadequate like me? Regardless of where any of us are at Father wants us to enter into a closer relationship with Him. Religion can’t cut it when it comes to God. Communing of the heart does; He has come to metamorphoo us at the ground level of who we are, the heart. Thus the Prophets prophesied He would, thus Christ spoke to and thus is our inheritance, a changed heart and an abiding Christ within. He is never far from those who are His, He is within.


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