The Steady Stream of Discontent

What do you do when you love so much and the one you love injures others so much? Do you remain silent or do you try to positively input so they somehow will get the message? What do you do? Positiveness and pointing the direction rather than clearly stating the problems hasn’t worked, so what do you do?

I took a lesson from God, speak directly from love to the ones and their problem in such a way it is clear, concise and points the way forward. Then the response is the choice of the listener. We have forgotten how to hear the Spirit in the other, their words and their heart; regardless of the vessel who speaks and the rough manner delivered. We say God I’ll only hear those who speak in the positive manner I like. Instead we hear through our biases and process through our ever refining filters to ensure that only what is acceptable to us is heard. Of course if it is not couched in positiveness it must be wrong! So a lot of Pentecostal pastors preach these days. Their prophets preach ‘encouraging’ words tickling the ears of a people who love it so; well most love the status quo. There are some who weep for something more; usually they know not what.

The prophets who spoke God’s words in the Old Testament and the God who walked this earth had hard words for such religious people and pretenders who claimed to be the mouth piece of the Almighty. They paid a heavy price for not hearing what the Spirit was speaking – their religion they were protecting and their position they were so zealous in keeping was taken away from them, obliterated for nearly two thousand years. Remember who He is and who He cares for. He has come to His Church, a whip in one hand and soothing oil of peace in the other for those who would hear His voice, follow Him.

The issue is love. What do you love? Look well at your life – what consumes you is what you find important. Love decides importance because we give ourselves to what we believe and value. Importance is decided by what you give priority to. Priority is decided by what you allow to interupt what you are doing!

One can only wonder what would have been the result if Judaism had heard the voice of her Messiah?

I now have many times more once super-commited friends who were super-involved with institutional church who are not attending organised religion than those who are still attending. Of those still attending most sit quietly frustrated on the pew crying with heart felt yearning, “There has to be something more? Surely God you didn’t mean us to be like this?”

No, He didn’t mean for us to be merely grist for someone’s mill of ambition or fodder for someone else’s vision.


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