The Family Prayer of Blessings (Song of Songs, Malachi, 1 Chron. 4: 9 -10 and Psalms 91)

The Family Prayer of Blessings (Song of Songs, Malachi, 1 Chron. 4: 9 -10 and Psalms 91)

As a single parent I have prayed this prayer daily over my two children, my son Joshua as he was in Afghanistan in the army and for my daughter Kailia as she has gone to many nations taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ and as she goes to work in Africa amongst the poor, the outcast and the disadvantaged. If you find this helpful, peace and blessings as you bless your families and those you love.

“O Father that you would bless and redeem my family restoring righteousness, purity, holiness and faith to trust You in all our days, separating us unto Your ways.

Father that You would Bless Joshua, Kailia and their spouses to be, their families and their extended families and myself indeed, mightily, magnificently, and extravagantly in every area of our lives; expanding us to grow in You together.

Father, turn the hearts of the fathers, the mothers and our children to be one in You Lord Jesus; where there is estrangement turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children’s hearts to the fathers lest You strike the earth or our nation with a curse

Teach us Lord Jesus to love as You loved, that the gifts You have given to each of us may build Your household, as we together, Your community love one another mightily, magnificently, and extravagantly

That we would dwell in the secret place, abiding in You the Most High; the Almighty dwelling in us as we lean upon the arm of our Beloved as we come out of the wilderness

Open our hearts to know You love us and Your desire is toward us

Jesus, that You would cause us all to take refuge under your wings and that You would cover us, our persons, our families and our dwellings and keep us safe from every perilous pestilences and every weapon and agenda of man, the world, the flesh and the Devil

That You who are the Truth would be our shield and the hedge around us from every evil of delusion, denial, deception, slander, gossip, and lying accusation; that we may not be caught in the web of judging one another and speaking of one another unrighteously

That the ways and works of men will cease and each would yield to you

That we may love one another mightily, magnificently, and extravagantly in our foibles, failings, fallacies and even faithlessness

That you would give Your strong guardian Angels charge over us to keep us in all our ways, that they would bear us up in their hands lest we even dash our foot against a stone

That you would enlarge our territory and restore to us all that is lost in every area of our lives

That Your hand would be with us for good so that our lives would be for good to those around us

That You would keep us from evil and You would keep evil from us

Father teach us to tread upon the lion and the cobra, the young lion and the serpent trampling them under foot in Christ Jesus

That we would set our love upon You, seeking You with all our hearts, forsaking all else honouring You in every word, thought and deed

That we may cause no pain or hurt to anyone or anything; walking in wisdom, understanding and knowing You

That we may speak the Truth to each other in Love, honouring one another and preferring one another, caring for one another and sharing all we have one with the other, that His Body may be nourished and nurtured as He intended; edifying itself in Love

That we Your people, Your Family may be joined and knit together in ‘koinonia’ and ‘agape’ by what each provides, effectively working together as each does its share

Restore Your Community of love to nurture and to nourish Your people that we may lay our lives down one for the other,

That we in the midst of Life may always turn to You in our hearts, deliver us, set us free to honour You mightily, magnificently, and extravagantly, that with long life You would satisfy us as we walk in You and the Holy Spirit.


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2 Responses to The Family Prayer of Blessings (Song of Songs, Malachi, 1 Chron. 4: 9 -10 and Psalms 91)

  1. Roger Thoman says:

    I love this, Wayne! Such a father’s heart (yours) coming through as you pray to THE Father.

    • Eagleholme says:

      Roger thanks
      enjoy your news feeds etc
      Hope to get to Africa next year would love to experience your work first hand if possible.
      My daughter is going in April to OM in Pretoria SA to work in education in villages etc
      peace and blessings brother W

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