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Friends, Family and acquaintancesMaybe this is an appropriate short New Year news email … about the passion and the yearning in my heart for you, yours and the broader population.Attached is an interesting brief UK video clip (link at bottom of email) that points towards some of what I am on about … Over the years many, well, most of my friends, acquaintances and family shared their despair or lack of connection regarding the state of what is commonly called ‘church’.

The clip summarises some of what I intend for this year … an exploration in God and His purposes. In my heart is an all embracing holistic approach to life, free of the many constraints that inhibit the people of God.

Over the years I have encountered acquaintances from the university ministry we pioneered in the early ’80s. To my distress as I listened to their heart and what they missed from those years and the resulting disillusionment of not finding a ‘church’ that replicated what they missed, I meditated on what happened, on what they missed and why. As good as it was at the time there were numerous mistakes, as there always is when pioneering. Seeking what was is not appropriate nor necessary. Seeking to walk with Him as our Lover is. So it is not what was but what He wants to lead us into now; that will require Jeremiah 1:10 the word the Lord spoke to me back many years ago. In 1964 the Lord spoke to me from Isaiah 58 (especially verses 11 & 12). (A side note – I find it interesting, not on one occasion have I been asked what God has put in my heart over the years. Why are we not interested in what God speaks to others? Why are we more concerned with what is in our hearts and what we want to do? Intriguing …)

Ad naseum I stated in those days “Don’t go to church be the Church”. That has been my mantra and God called purpose … wherever I am to be His ‘church’ to those around me all the days of my life. In those days most didn’t get it; therefore they were unable to take the basics and reproduce the life we sought. The fault was a lack of understanding of discipleship … which as I look back is OK … that is where we were. The journey continued and is continuing.

Do not seek a church but be Church with those around you, right where you are. Now that has many implications; particularly as what church is and is not; another time for that pontification.

However I have waited for this day for 50 years … I have this sense now is the day of ‘small beginnings’.I am interested in this year and its possibilities … the only problem is me … me being me, sinner that I am, you are and those around you … so I ask for your love and compassion in prayer and friendship

Much love to you … enjoy the video clip … hopefully … to my friends I’ll see you this year … to share His goodness

Wayne alias the Winnie or Crock

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We just spent the weekend with people from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland who are working to multiply disciples, churches and leaders…here’s a little video that we put together for the Newforms Gathering

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