Small Beginnings

My Friends

A note to you.

In my spirit I have this excitement, this anticipation of what is happening. I have no vision, no organisational goals or programmes, no agenda except to see the Lord lifted up in the freedom of the Holy Spirit.

The only thing I have done is ask Grace Place if we can rent their training space for Wednesday evenings (Reason: it is accessible to both University of Canberra where I work and ANU). This is not a University ministry. It will involve students if they want to come. This is about being His Body not a particular demographical group e.g. uni students … but to all people inclusive of the whoever.

We are beginning on the 5th February @ about 6pm / 6.30pm (including eating together for those who want to). Would you please pray, my friends far and wide?

This is not about meeting as a ‘church’ (Whatever runs around in your head when you think that word). Yes we will meet but the focus is not a Sunday type meeting or what is supposed to happen between weekends. The focus is life, how to live and give. It is about relationships in the Father and His family, fellowship and friendship, discipling and living /walking in the Spirit. My desire is to be on about what He is on about; listening to Him, that is the point of the requested prayer.

Many do not believe ‘church’ can be different. Many try to re-jig what happens between the beginning and the end of the ‘Sunday service’ in an attempt to appeal to people. That is like changing the deckchairs on the Titanic (sorry, this overused metaphor is apt though )

Canberra sees approximately 5.8% of the population in church on Sundays (lower than the national average). Canberra is impaled on political correctness, highly educated (more degrees than you can poke a tick at ) and has a weird expression of Australian life. Canberrans are self satisfied, wealthy (by far the highest income per capita in the nation), into many forms of spirituality and it is said one third of the population vacates Canberra each weekend to go to nearby Sydney or Melbourne, the snowfields or the Snowy Mtns or the coast.

Below are a couple of websites that are interesting. We are not attempting to replicate anything or anyone. Learning is being open to hear the Holy Spirit in each other.

Fresh Expressions is an initiative of the Church of England partnering with other denominations and so called ‘para-church groups’ such as YWAM (Youth With A Mission). In the UK there are over 300 iniatiatives, each different in expression and structure loosely connect with no control or set format. Interesting stuff! The web link follows: (copy and paste to browser)
My hope is salt and yeast will happen growing into many shades and colours becoming His Body Together here in Canberra. Please pray for me and the day of small beginnings.

Following on from my 2nd January New Year email here are some ordinary people who have discovered they can make a difference right where they are. (copy and paste to browser)

Also Compassion International have a website appealing from Isaiah 58. (copy and paste to browser)

Yours in Him



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One Response to Small Beginnings

  1. Roger Thoman says:

    Wayne, I’m a little slow late in reading this, but will be praying nonetheless. How did it go, and how is it going? Very, very interesting!

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