Jesus has come to His Church; He is taking her back from the Hands of Man

Interesting I shared the following with a friend who was encouraged by the following. He discouraged and down about any hope of change in his church, a boppy large Pentecostal one with all the right ingredients that attracted the masses, the worship team, an eloquent renowned teacher of the Word, bright smiles, yet missing a lot of what is church.

Many people go to church but never experience “Church” as Jesus meant.

There are many prophetic words today, many of little or no value to the Kingdom of God. Testing all prophecy is crucial as there are many prognosticators claiming it is a Word from the Lord. However when I hear genuine words by authenticated men and women of God I value them. Following I share some with you for your edification and encouragement.


  1. E Judson Cornwall  Early 1970 Charismatic Movement Brisbane As recalled by my friend Bill who was there as was I but not at that meeting. I met Bill at an FGBMFI breakfast in May 1970. We have been friends ever since. In those days FGBMFIs were the seed-bed of the move of the Holy Spirit in Brisbane.“There is a day coming, saith the Lord, when I will raise up a people who are no people; a people of no repute.  And I will invest in them authority, and they will walk with me in power on the earth.  And the church people will look in wonder and askance at these people saying “My, God can even use these folks”.  And this move when it comes will have no name upon it.”

Bill’s Notes:  I’d been a Christian just a few months when E Judson Cornwall turned up. In the course of one of the meetings he prophesied.   Here we were at the beginning of something regarded as big, ‘the Charismatic Move’ and yet he was prophesying about a move yet to come. And I knew this was not the beginning of what Cornwall prophesised.

Gerald Rowland’s extensive prophecy which he only released, somewhat reluctantly, I believe, in the 90s, talks about this coming move of God with no name upon it. It’s interesting to compare the two prophecies. When I read Rowlands’ prophecy, I understood why God had him sit on it; because it was for another time.

With previous revivals having men’s names all over them, This one will have no name upon it because it will have many names upon it; too many to count or to name because God is preparing many names in many places at once, most unknown to each other, who will turn out to be of one mind, that mind which was and is in Christ Jesus (Let this same mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus). No one man/woman, group, location will be able to claim it as its own, to glory in leadership of a revival.

So, what will it look like? I think this end-time church will look remarkably like the first church in all its manifestations. And his time the revival won’t go the way of all preceding revivals, each one resulting in a new denomination. We excelled ourselves in Queensland; we produced two new denominations, CLC & COC. Is that a record? Maybe. So this will be the last hoorah. It will be disciplined with a real five-fold ministry, God appointed and doctrinally pure and walking in the power and grace of his resurrection (Phil. 3:10). These three shall abide, faith, hope and love.

2.  Prophecy by Lance Lambert at Mount Carmel, Jerusalem 1986

It will not be long before there will come upon the world a time of unparalleled upheaval and turmoil. Do not fear; it is I the LORD who am shaking all things. I began this shaking with the First World War,and I greatly increased it through the Second World War. Since 1973 I have given it an even greater impetus. In the last stage, I plan to complete it with the shaking of the universe itself, with signs in sun and moon and stars. But before that point is reached I will judge the nations, and the time is near. It will not only be by war and civil war, by anarchy and terrorism, and by monetary collapses that I will judge the nations, but also by natural disasters: by earthquake, by shortages and famines, and by old and new plague diseases. I will also judge them by giving them over to their own ways, to lawlessness, to loveless selfishness, to delusion and to believing a lie; to false religion and an apostate church, even to a Christianity without Me.

Do not fear when these things begin to happen, for I disclose these things to you before they commence in order that you might be prepared, and that in the day of trouble and of evil you may stand firm and overcome. For I purpose that you may become the means of encouraging and strengthening many who love Me but who are weak. I desire that through you many may become strong in Me, and that multitudes of others might find My salvation through you.

And hear this! Do not fear the power of the Kremlin, nor the power of the Islamic Revolution, for I plan to break both of them through Israel. I will bring down their pride and their arrogance, and shatter them because they have blasphemed My Name. In that day I will avenge the blood of all the martyrs and of the innocent ones whom they have slaughtered. I will surely do this thing for they have thought that there was no one to judge them. But I have seen their ways and I have heard the cries of the oppressed and of the persecuted and I will break their power and make an end of them. Be therefore prepared for when all this comes to pass, to you will be given the last great opportunity to preach the gospel freely to all the nations.

In the midst of all the turmoil and shaking, and at the heart of everything, is My church. In the heavenlies she is joined to Me in one Spirit, and I have destined her for the throne. You who are My beloved, whom I have redeemed and anointed – you are mine. I will equip and empower you and you will rise up and do great things in My Name, even in the midst of darkness and evil. For I will reveal My power, and My grace and My glory through you. Do not hold back nor question My ways with you, for in all My dealings with you I have always in mind that you should be part of My bride and reign with Me. Do not forget that this requires especial discipline and training. So yield to Me that I might do a work in you in the time which is left, for I plan even during all this shaking that the bride will make herself ready.

And in the midst of nations on earth, seething with unrest and conflict, I have set My Israel. Yes, I say My Israel, even though they walk in disobedience and transgression, in the stubbornness of their hearts, divorced from Me through unbelief. Nevertheless, always remember that I made them enemies of the gospel for your sake. I the LORD, I Myself blinded them and hardened them that salvation might come to the gentiles in fullness. Yet they are still mine, beloved of Me with a tender and an undying love. They are My kith and My kin, and I love them. Shall I give them up for all that they have done to Me, says the LORD? Yet I have surrendered them to sorrow, to anguish of heart and to continuous suffering. But I have never given them up. In all their afflictions I was afflicted, though I neither delivered nor saved them from death. Nevertheless I have been present; I the King of Israel, I have been present, although unnoticed and unregarded, in all their sufferings. There was no gas chamber, no massacre in which I was not present. But now the time has surely come when I shall receive them, for I will reveal Myself to them and with astonishment they will recognize Me.

For in the midst of these judgments multitudes upon multitudes will be saved across the nations. You will hardly know how to bring the harvest in, but My Spirit will equip you for the task. And to Israel will I also turn in that day, and I will melt the hardening which has befallen her. I will turn their blindness into clear sight and tear away the veil on their heart. Then shall they be redeemed with heart-bursting joy, and it will become a fountain of new and resurrection life to the whole company of the redeemed.

Do not fear for these days, for I have purposed that you should stand with Me and serve Me in them. Fear not, for I love you and I will protect you and equip you. I, the LORD, will anoint you with a new anointing and you will work My works and fulfill My counsel. You shall stand before Me, the LORD of the whole earth, and serve Me with understanding and with power, and you shall reign with Me during these days. Above all I call you to be intercessors.

Comments please, all prophesy is to have discernment applied not merely accepted!

3.  Bob Mumford’s Dream as related from the Pulpit (Compatriot of Derek Prince) Brisbane 1973 speaking on the church and the many denominational divisions.

The Dream:

“There were many duck pens with ducks of all shapes and sizes. Then it began to rain with a torrential downpour; the land began to flood. As the flood rose so the ducks floated on the water as ducks do. The water rose, and rose, until it rose over the tops of the pens. The ducks being ducks floated until they swam amongst each other; no longer was it possible to tell which ducks belonged to which pens.”

make of this what you will.

4. A vision I had in similar vein in a national conference in 1973 during the Charismatic Move:
“A map of Australia appeared to burn with a tongue of fire within its coastal boundaries. Within those boundaries a pool of mud filled the land with muck and mire. In the pool of mud a lump that went from Darwin in the north to the Great Australian Bight in the south was evident. The lump was indistinguishable except it was a lump covered with the mucky mud and the mire that filled the nation. As I looked the tongue of fire turned into flames engulfing the nation; as the flames burned the lump began to elevate from the north. The bottom in the south began to be drawn towards the centre of the nation. Then as the fire continued to burn it became evident that it was a ‘body’ (statue like) being raised out of the muck and mire. As the head in the north was being raised the feet in the south moved towards the centre of the nation. As the Body was being raised and the flames burned, the muck and the mire that covered it slivered down into the mud that filled the nation. Also its appearance began to gradually change from filthy mud to shining gold as the fire burned. Finally the Body stood upright gleaming and firmly planted in the midst of the land, one Body, refined by the furnace of the fire without muck or mire upon it. The land changed to verdant green and solid; the muck and the mire disappeared from the vision. The one Body stood in the midst of the land refined, shining and whole. The vision ended.”

Test all things especially prophecies, dreams, visions, walk in the Unity of the Spirit


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