Studying Psychology in 1980 I came across a statement by research medical scientist Prof. James J. Lynch, Univeristy of Maryland. Lynch in his book “The Broken Heart: The medical consequences of Loneliness” states “Suicide, cancer, tuberculosis, accidents, mental disorders, and especially heart attacks are all significantly influenced by human relationship.” p.4

Further theologian Norman Wright in his book “An answer to Loneliness” uses the premise “Deep within each of us is the hunger for contact, acceptance, belonging, intimate exchange, responsiveness, support, love, and the touch of tenderness.” as the basis for his answer for the church and loneliness.

It is not only men who are lonely. However men are by far the larger percentage of those who struggle. As the following article points out women have an advantage over men when it comes to connecting :-).

Unfortunately, we, in the church are as apt to be a lonely place as the sport’s spectator in this cartoon.

The first Christians were known for belonging and a sense of mutuality. More coming.


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