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God who is there

Friends, Family and acquaintancesMaybe this is an appropriate short New Year news email … about the passion and the yearning in my heart for you, yours and the broader population.Attached is an interesting brief UK video clip (link at bottom … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Love

How have we missed what ‘Christianity’ is about? so far removed from living and relationships, from giving and being a friend, loving those in proximity to our daily living Satan has done a job on us and we are unaware … Continue reading

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The Imperative of Love

Love is probably the most misused word in any language. “I loved that movie.” or “WOW, what a nice car, I love it.” “What a great time I love playing tennis.” Such is not what Jesus spoke about. The love … Continue reading

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Census reveals growth of Islam “The number of Muslim adherents rose to 2.6 million in 2010 from 1 million in 2000, fueled by immigration and conversions in the USA”. Also the growth of cults especially Mormonism (45%) has seen a phenomenal increase since 2000 … Continue reading

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Obey? Love

HHHHHmmmm! Interesting isn’t it how we use such a word like ‘obey’. Obey is a good manipluative word for most leaders, Jesus used it differently because we love Him – it is moving the focus from obey to love. Is … Continue reading

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“How good is friendship?”

Tired, worn out but excited I waited for my Aussie mate from Toronto, Canada to arrive to stay overnight.John surprised me when he phoned from Sydney, “Crock I’m coming down to Canberra tonight to see you. I’ll be leaving about … Continue reading

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Great quote re: church – author unknown

Just read this from Paul Richards quoting someone The Church does not exist for itself but to reveal God’s glory-His Holy character. We want to be people whose hearts are to carry the burden of the Lord. Our cities do … Continue reading

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